Taiwanese cold noodle in Tahini sauce

This recipe was done during lockdown when I was desperately craving some Taiwanese food that I can’t get locally. Turned out easy and pretty good. Ingredients:Asian noodles/ egg noodlesCucumberCarrotsSesame sauce (here I use Tahini) x 4 tbspCold water x 1/2 cupSesame oil x 1 tbspSoy sauce x 2 tbspVinegar x 1 tspYuzu sauce x 2 […]


Vegetarian chicken pie

Practicing zero food waste means most of time, by the end of the week before you go to the supermarket or until your next food delivery arrives, your fridge contains only odd items that you can’t quite make a meal but you don’t want to throw away. I was in such dilemma after thinking through, […]