Vegetarian chicken pie

Practicing zero food waste means most of time, by the end of the week before you go to the supermarket or until your next food delivery arrives, your fridge contains only odd items that you can’t quite make a meal but you don’t want to throw away. I was in such dilemma after thinking through, this is what I created – vegetarian chicken pie.


4-5 potatoes, 1 x carrots, 5 big mushrooms, 1 x onions | 4 Yorkshire puddings – roughly chopped up | thyme, chicken stock cube (you can use vegetarian cube to be 100% vegan) in 300ml warm water as stock, 3 – 4 tbsp flour


Pre heat the oven to 175 degree celsius. Boil the potatoes and ready to make mash. use a knob of butter, add diced onions, then add carrots and stir fry for couple of minutes, then add mushrooms and herbs, lastly add the roughly chopped Yorkshire puddings , Add flour, whisk up, finally pour the stock in and stir, turn stove off when the pie filler consistency. —– Make your mash, my way of making mash is learned from my British husband, it’s super easy, drain the water, boiled potatoes with a knob of butter, then add a little bit of milk depending on the consistency you like, we also add 1 or 2 tsp of dijon mustard but in this recipe I skip that because my kids don’t like spicy taste.

Once the mash is done, we simply put the veggie pie filler in an oven proof dish, then add the mash on top, ready to bake for 20 mins. yummy!

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