Copenhagen Calling – Fumina Tsuji, living her Nordic dream.

The day I met Fumina was back in 2019 October during Taipei Fashion week, we set next to each other during the dinner, we chatted almost all night and swap informations about our life rather than work, and I spotted her fashion style and clever sense of mix and match during these 48 hours. We kept in touch and the next thing we knew the pandemic hit and all shows called off, but this did not stop Fumina, she and her husband decided moving to Copenhagen because that’s something they both wanted for a long time. What a brave decision to make during this difficult time and now they live in this beautiful apartment filled with light, Fumina continued her fashion editor with Elle and in fact covid was the silver-lining that made her and her company realised that she doesn’t need to be in Japan to do her job, so here we talked about her journey of being a fashion editor and some fun facts, culture shock since moving to Copenhagen.

KF: How did you get into fashion, did you study fashion at university?

FT: I actually did not study fashion but English literature at uni, I was from Nakasaki a small town in Japan, I moved to Tokyo when I entred university. I loved writing when I was a child, and studying literature I had to write a lot of essays and reviews which helped my job now as an editor.

KF: How did you develop this amazing fashion sense when you did not study fashion?

FT: I think my fashion sense is from my grandmother, she is a very stylish person, and she bought me many fancy clothes when I was young, I think it made me fall in love with fashion because of her. And I really loved English when I was a child, in fact when I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a book translator, so growing up I started to think how I can combine my passion for fashion, and writing and translating all together, so I thought an international fashion magazine may be the best job for me.

KF: So now you live in Copenhagen, how do you enjoy living there and if you can share your experience as expats and tips of adopting the culture?

FT: 2017 I think it was my first time coming to Copenhagen for vacation, I fell in love with Copenhagen with the atmosphere and beautiful building and the nature and food. When I was a child, living aboard is a big dream, same for my husband. And we thought maybe we should live in Copenhagen some day, and we waited (and it happened)… Everything is new to me, so fun.

KF: Any type of culture shock or things are just so different from Japan?

FT: In terms of cultural shock, there’s a funny traditional in Denmark, if a person who turns and is unmarried, people spread cinnamon powder all over the birthday person’s body. I don’t know why they do this and it looks crazy, I saw this 2 -3 times in Copenhagen and it is so funny for me to see. Another thing is not a culture shock but it’s nice and different than Japan is that everything is digitalised, is much more advanced than Japan. Of course we can use credit card or paying apps in Japan, but there are a lot of places we need to pay with cash, so I was used to bring a lot of cash in Japan. However since I moved to Copenhagen, I haven’t used cash, I only use paying app or card which is so useful. Denmark has old side and new side, for example they preserve their old buildings but they make everything else digital which I like this contrast.

KF: So what do you enjoy the most living in Copenhagen?

FT: I think I love the most is the nature, although Japan has beautiful nature too, but it is extremely different, the Danish nature is so different with a lot of sceneries. During this lockdown we spent 1- 2 weeks in countryside, also we support local business by doing a lot take aways, it’s so fun to exploring restaurants and cafes in Copenhagen. From this week we can sit in restaurants if we have Corona pass…it’s a digital pass to identify if you are clear from the virus then you can sit inside the restaurants.

KF: How has the pandemic affected your job being a fashion editor?

FT: The biggest change since Covid is that I can work remotely. Before Covid, I never worked from home, but since Covid, I started working from home and that’s also way I can move to Copenhagen and still continuing my job, which is a silver lining. Of course work-wise it is not easy to gather models, photographers, stylists to do shoots but we are trying our best.

KF: And as a fashion editor, how do you see the fashion shows change? Will we go back to when we had lots of shows again?

FT: Yes it’s a difficult question, I think it needs some kind of balance, it won’t be like before but it will be a new normal to have events combined.

KF: And before we moved on to food, do you have any styling tips? Any favourite brands right now?

FT: My style is mixed between street and pastel colours, actually one of my background is street dancer (WOW) same as my husband, so I love wearing sweatshirts and caps, casual. I love street wear with colours like pink, yellow, blue, a little bit scandi, scandi colour palettes, I mixed with high fashion boots or bags like Saint Laurent boots, Marc Jacobs bag or Coach bag. And a brand I love is Samsoe Samsoe.

KF: Finally food, what do you cook at home?

FT: Actually I am not so good in the kitchen but I love food, sometimes I cook KhaoManGai, it’s a chicken dish that is street food from South East Asia, you just put the chicken on the rice and that’s done! Super easy and delicious.

*KhaoManGai is a famous street food dish from Thailand, here is a recipe example.

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FT:我的風格介於街頭色彩和柔和色彩之間,實際上我和我先生的背景之一是街頭舞者(WOW),所以我喜歡穿休閒的運動衫和帽子。我喜歡街頭服裝,例如粉紅色,黃色,藍色,一點點scandi,scandi調色板,我混搭了高級時裝靴子或包袋,例如Saint Laurent靴子,Marc Jacobs包或Coach袋。我喜歡的品牌是Samsoe Samsoe。





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