Retuna – a store of the future

taken by me August 2019

It was a perfect day when I visited Retuna back in August 2019, I landed Stockholm airport, eager to get on a Taxi to the destination, I was so used to having chauffeurs waiting with my name board, but this time I had to figure my own transportation out since I work for myself now, and only realised I went to the wrong airport and taxi is over €250, my old self would have just paid and go, but with my new entrepreneurial spirit with my personal business, every penny is budgeted, so I decided to drive. It turned out one of my best days end of summer two years ago! The weather was so beautiful, and my hired car was a Fiat 500 in red with roof down driving through unknown road and highway with music on, I must say I felt like I was in the movie, things I couldn’t enjoy when I was working for someone else… happy days!

I did not know what to expect, all I heard about is that this store only sells recycled goods and is the first recycled department store, I was interested as I started my sustainability journey and at that point just finished my Cambridge course, I was so intrigued from their set up and business plan. In my head I thought it was cool but second hand store is everywhere, what is so special about this place?

I arrived in front of this gigantic Ikea looking building with design like airport taxi passenger drop offs, each area with huge bins for various collections from clothes, electric goods, homeware, literally it is so well set up so the store could eventually be like a department store, but better especially for people like myself who love vintage and second hand goods with design that could be an one-off, here would be like heaven to you.

Once you enter, there’s a big lobby with huge art tree that made from recycled materials, and I soon realise this mall is designed for many small stores to enter but each store is either vintage stores or upcylcing stores or a repair store such as their electric goods area, it’s like a mini Dixon where you can find TV, laptop, computers, any electrical goods but all repaired, many are vintage record players and some are pretty new iphones or ipads. If you know how difficult to recycle electric goods, you’d really appreciate this store. For any sports fans, the outdoor activity gears are amazing here too, they have great quality bicycles and skiwear, helmets etc, literally Retuna is really a true recycled department store!

Retuna sports gear store on ground floor.

Another shop that caught my eye is the sustainable florist Ecoflor, founder Maria makes sure all her plants and flowers are sustainable sourced and she collaborates with stores within Retuna to use their tables and vases etc and created a wonderful ambiance of this eco floral store.

There are so many other beautiful stores I adore, the vintage store Axelinas Manufaktur and there’s a homeware store selling ‘gold’ no I mean beautiful reclaimed windows, doors and other antique architecture, the place is just amazing like a candy shop for me.

I also visited the stock room with the manager on site, I was really impressed with the operation, they stock everything by seasons so the merchandise can be rotate easily and pull by any festive activities such as Christmas.

Additional to the stores and organic cafes, Retuna runs summer classes for various repair workshops and art with second hand materials, how cool is this, I actually really want to set up a store as such so if you are an investor and interested in this story, please get in touch 🙂

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