Beauty Innovator – Meet Karen Lee-Thompson

How I met Karen Lee-Thompson was a pure accident, it was a wonderful encounter and I found out she’s also a Taiwanese British, naturally when she told me that she just launched her beauty brand, instantly I invited her to this platform as you know, my biggest pleasure is to promote my friends’ business. Without Karen knowing, I went on-line and bought quite a few bits from Wo, and after tested, I was certain that She’s #MySmartCookie.

Karen Lee-Thompson founded Wo in 2019 and when it was about to launch early 2020, then pandemic hit. This turbulent did not deflate Karen but only made her stronger and her will to make Wo successful. Focus on innovation, the brand uses the best ingredients for skin, it is designed for everyone and anyone with the best intension in mind, including the easiest way to travel with it, the portion is designed for daily use, therefore no wastage; The Wonder Cream is a 3 – 1 solution, for cleanse, hydrate and condition. Wo is a brand with an all inclusive skincare solution.

So you may be curious – what made Karen be so knowledgeable on her brand ingredient and formulation? The secret was all about Karen, she spent over 16 years in beauty worked for Boots, the leading pharmaceutical company in the UK, she started her journey back in opening store for Boots back in Taiwan, then moved back to the UK and re-joined the company, worked her way up leading beauty innovation department as Global Innovation Sourcing Manager, all these helped her launching her own business working with the best suppliers and she can be sure the quality is second to none, and they are made in Switzerland.

It was my pleasure to speak to Karen few weeks back, where we shared the ups and downs of being a business owner to daily rituals and chatting about being a working mother.

Also I am always intrigued by busy entrepreneurs in terms of what they cook at home. Here are some home cook food. Totally delicious.

Source: Karen Lee-Thompson

You can watch our interview on #MySmartCookie IG TV. Enjoy!

To purchase Wo from their official website, and follow WO instagram @wearewo. You can follow Karen Lee-Thompson on LinkedIn.

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我是如何遇到Karen Lee-Thompson的,這純屬偶然,是一次絕妙的邂遘,我發現她也是台灣人,自然而然地,當她告訴我她剛剛創立了自己的美容品牌時,我就想邀請她來我這個平台,因為我最大的樂趣就是促進與推銷朋友的品牌。在Karen不知道的情況下,我上線訂購了一些Wo的產品來試用看看,經過我個人使用測試,有很多我非常驚喜的地方,有認識我的人也知道我在時尚圈打滾了很久所以看品牌也是特別的挑,能夠讓我覺得好用的保養品是不多的。又一個台灣人能夠在英國打造一個頂級的品牌更是不容易,所以我很榮幸的說Karen是我的#MySmartCookie。

李思瑩(Karen Lee-Thompson)於2019年開始創立Wo,當時正準備在2020年初推出,後來大流行。這種動盪並沒有使Karen沮喪,反而使她變得更堅強,並且擁有使Wo成功的決心。該品牌專注於創新,使用最好的護膚成分,專為所有人和任何具有最佳意圖的人而設計,包括最簡單的旅行方式,該部分專為日常使用而設計,因此不會製造浪費; 它們的產品有一個三合一奇特設計,可以用於清潔,保濕和調理都是同一個乳液。整個品牌有很多創新的理念,真的是達到了一個包羅萬象的護膚解決方案。 



大家可以在#MySmartCookie IG電視上觀看我們的採訪。請好好追蹤喔!

從其官方網站上購買Wo,請關注WO instagram @wearewo。您可以在LinkedIn上關注Karen Lee-Thompson。


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