All that ‘NOISE’ – Meet Danusia Malina-Derben

Danusia Malina-Derben, a multi-hyphenated powerhouse, she is a mother, a business woman, a mentor, a podcaster, academic and author of NOISE – A manifesto Modernising Motherhood and other professional books about business.

I met Danusia through an event organised by my photographer friend Fiona Freud, founder of Mother Works. She photographed numbers of amazing ladies and Danusia’s portrait with her 10 kids was so empowering that I remembered her before we actually met.

Through her podcast School for Mothers, I have learned from many strong-minded women who continuously support one another, and offering personal stories to inspire each other, Danusia has her unique ways to ask questions so the contents are always interesting, relevant and always on points.

I had pleasure to have a chat with Danusia about her journey of being a teenage mother to C-level executive and now to the boss or call her a legend (just don’t call her boss lady) her success and inspiration comes from her own will and drive, rather unlike many career mothers, Danusia is certain that what she does is not driven by her children. She is their mother but everyone has their own position, I think it takes a lot for a mother to say that because most of mothers do things that may be lead by their children and family life, you see how Danusia taught people how to live as how you wish. Work hard for your own success not love what you do not because what others told you so.

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Danusia Malina-Derben是一位多才多藝的女強人,她是一位母親,一名女商人,一名播客,學者,並且是NOISE-《現代化母親宣言》和其他有關商業的專業書籍的作者。

我是由我的攝影師朋友,母親作品的創始人菲奧娜·弗洛伊德(Fiona Freud)組織的一次活動認識了達努西亞。她拍攝了許多令人驚嘆的女強人媽媽們攝影集,而且丹妮西亞和她的10個孩子的肖像非常有力量,以至於我在我們真正見面之前就想起了她。


我很高興與Danusia聊聊她從變成青少年媽媽到C級高管,現在到老闆的經歷,或者稱她為傳奇人物(只要不稱呼她Boss Lady),她明確地表示他個人成功的原因是來自她自己,而絕對不是他10個孩子們給他任何的靈感。談到了意志力和驅動力,與許多職業母親不同,丹努西亞確信她所做的不是由孩子驅動的。她是他們的母親,但每個人都有自己的觀念在家裡的位置,我覺得Danusia真的很誠實耶,因為大多數母親所做的事情和工作都往往會認為是由孩子和家庭生活所帶來的靈感,只有Danusia說他所有的成功只能歸功於他自己的努力。所以您會看到Danusia如何教會大家如何過著自己想要的生活。怎麼想為自己的成功而努力工作,不要因為別人的影響而接受了自己不喜歡的東西。

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