Why Losing Your Job Could be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You – Eleanor Tweddell

Picture Copyright Chris Watt. Author Elenor Tweddell

I met Eleanor through a live podcast event, she was bubbly and pretty chilled at the same time, her positive attitude to life is something I was drawn into, I think it’s one of the key to live in this modern life. We all seem to have it all but also we can lose a lot at the same time, here Eleanor explained how she launched her business after being made redundant and that was the best time that ever happened.

Eleanor was from north part of England, near lake district. Like everyone, she was aspired to lead her life in London and ended up in Luton to start with. Her first job was a cold calling selling internet! I bet if you were born after the 90’s you might not understand what we are talking about, isn’t internet a normal thing? No… So after that job, Eleanor kept moving on and eventually landed a good job with Virgin followed by Vodafone, it was 23 years of her corporate life then she realised her time is calling, and Another door was born after that.

Many of us must feel a sense of lost or sad or angry when we lost our jobs, I haven’t had that experience but I have lost many other things, how do we pull ourselves up again after a dip is the key. The Pandemic has taught us so much too that businesses can be different and how we work can be different, everyone can manage and work from home so the office is not necessarily the must, and we can shop on-line which means retail space has changed a lot too, therefore many physical staff is not longer needed when opening hours reduce. Nevertheless you can still find your best thing, if you try to listen to yourself.

Enjoy this interview, full video is now on #MySmartCookie IG TV. Enjoy.

Eleanor Tweddell is the co-founder of Another Door and she can be reached via her Instagram. You can buy her book – Why losing your job could be the best thing that ever happened to you here.

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埃莉諾(Eleanor)來自英格蘭北部,靠近湖區。像每個人一樣,她渴望在倫敦過上自己的生活,並最終在盧頓開始。她的第一份工作是打電話買網路!我敢打賭,如果您出生於90年代以後,您可能不明白我們在說什麼,互聯網不是正常現象嗎?不…所以,在那份工作之後,埃莉諾繼續前進,並最終在維珍航空和VODAFONE佔有好的職位,她有了23年的公司上班生涯,但是沒有想到後來他被裁員了,那當時她意識到為自己做什麼的時間就是現在,之後他開創了職業顧問公司 Another Door. 意思就是說只要一扇門關了總有另外一扇門會開啟。


享受這次採訪,完整的視頻現在在#MySmartCookie IG TV上。盡情享受,希望大家得到一些啟發。

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