Taiwanese cold noodle in Tahini sauce

This recipe was done during lockdown when I was desperately craving some Taiwanese food that I can’t get locally. Turned out easy and pretty good.

Asian noodles/ egg noodles
Sesame sauce (here I use Tahini) x 4 tbsp
Cold water x 1/2 cup
Sesame oil x 1 tbsp
Soy sauce x 2 tbsp
Vinegar x 1 tsp
Yuzu sauce x 2 tbsp

Cook the noodles and put under iced water once cooked to make it cold.
Cut/ shredded cucumbers and carrots
The most important thing is to have good sauce to go with your noodles.
I don’t have the classic Taiwanese sesame sauce so I use tahini here.
Tahini sauce mix in with cold water, mix until smooth, the add in sesame oil, soy sauce, Yuzu sauce and mix until smooth again, you can taste while you are mixing as everyone likes different flavors, you can add more Yuzu or vinegar if you prefer it more sour. Or add more soy sauce as you prefer.
Voila 😊 

quick video of how I made this.

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