Teriyaki Tempeh with shredded nori & pea shoots

It’s my first ever Tempeh – 豆鼓.
When I saw it I just felt it would go well with hand mixed teriyaki sauce. The result was yummy. My kids loved it, husband was unsure but he will gradually like it just like the rest of vegetarian dishes I made 🙂

Ingredients: Tempeh – from organic shop, slice; soy sauce x 4 tbsp; mirin x 2tsp; dark sugar x 3 tbsp (or depending on how sweet you prefer for your teriyaki); nori sheets – use your scissors to cut stripes; pea shoot leaves or any other salad you prefer.

Method: firstly to slice the tempeh to 0.8mm ish per slice. then marinate them into the teriyaki mix – soy sauce, mirin and dark sugar for about 10 mins, turn sides to be sure they absorbed the sauce well. Once it’s done, heat the pan with small amount oil, I normally use rapeseed oil, use medium heat, fry each side about 2-3 mins, then you can serve them with the nori and peashoot salad.

Quick, yummy and healthy – pack of flavour and protein!

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