kuofi o'connor

A very lucky working mama who is happily married and have a job with envy. 20 years of fashion career, travelled more than 30 countries, over 150 cities, I have my very secret black book of tips of how I survive being a mother, a wife and running my consultancy and advise people how to launch fashion & creative businesses. Here is a little place to share my passion about family, love, food, travel and practice sustainability in everyday life.

The Art of Selling – Andrew Stewart

In the world of luxury fashion and wholesale, everyone would know Andrew, a super charming and bubbly guy with no attitude whatsoever despite his wealth of experience and connection in the field holding a global executive position that many fashion career dreamers would literally kill for that job.. I met Andrew through my former bosses […]


Vegetarian chicken pie

Practicing zero food waste means most of time, by the end of the week before you go to the supermarket or until your next food delivery arrives, your fridge contains only odd items that you can’t quite make a meal but you don’t want to throw away. I was in such dilemma after thinking through, […]