kuofi o'connor

A very lucky working mama who is happily married and have a job with envy. 20 years of fashion career, travelled more than 30 countries, over 150 cities, I have my very secret black book of tips of how I survive being a mother, a wife and running my consultancy and advise people how to launch fashion & creative businesses. Here is a little place to share my passion about family, love, food, travel and practice sustainability in everyday life.

Butterfly chicken roast in grape, olives and fennel

Butterfly chicken roast in fennel, grapes and olives———Unlike traditional roast chicken, it didn’t require to massage the butter and herbs between skins, this recipe is easy and quick to prepare but requires longer time (2 hours in the fridge or even better overnight) to let the ingredients marinate together, the fragrant and flavour is incredible […]


Sunday homemade breakfast for one

Good morning! I just made this lovely delicious and easy breakfast for one to cheer myself on this grey and cold Sunday, yes husband is away for business but it doesn’t mean we will stop cooking and make things pretty! For scones – I use very simple and typical English recipe which you can find […]