Sunday homemade breakfast for one


Good morning! I just made this lovely delicious and easy breakfast for one to cheer myself on this grey and cold Sunday, yes husband is away for business but it doesn’t mean we will stop cooking and make things pretty!

For scones – I use very simple and typical English recipe which you can find from All as well as BBC good food, I will however write the recipe in Chinese for my dear Taiwanese friends.

For the yoghurt – a good Greek yogurt is essential, I normally only use Greek Total yoghurt as that is the most authentic on, recently I have tried Yeo Valley greek style natural which just as nice and more creamy for my liking. Scoop good portion of this greek yoghurt then squeeze honey on top following good few table spoons of pomegranate seeds.

Serve in vintage silver dish with Italian linen to make the look. Pretty and easy! viola!

早安!這幾天老公不在家,但是還是要吃好吃又健康又自己做的英式scone 和石榴蜂蜜希臘優格。

英式 Scone 六個: 你需要 350g麵粉,1小匙發粉,1/4小匙鹽,85g牛油 – 切小塊,3中匙糖,175CC 牛奶,1小匙香草精,一手把葡萄乾,半個檸檬汁,蛋 – 打散待會塗上scone,果醬和鮮奶油(自定)

首先- 烤箱加熱215度C。將麵粉,發粉,鹽,依序加入大mixing bowl, 後加切塊牛油,用手指尖慢慢攪拌麵粉,慢慢捏碎牛油讓它混合麵粉,倒入糖。此刻將牛奶放入微波爐約30秒,使牛奶加熱但不滾,我本人不使用微波,我用傳統隔水加熱法加熱,之後把香草精,和檸檬汁加入攪拌一下。將溫牛奶混合倒入麵粉混合中,馬上用晚餐刀快速攪拌,目前的混合感是滿溼和黏的,加入葡萄乾,再攪拌下,倒出到桌面,準備一些乾麵粉在桌上,繼續混合,麵團會吸收麵粉,加到麵粉不再溼黏,如下圖,把麵團球壓約4公分,用約5公分的cutter,應該可切6-8個scone. 放到先塗好牛油或沙拉油的烤盤,再用小刷將蛋汁塗上scone, 這樣烤好的點心顏色比較好看。

放入烤箱約十分鐘或等到scone 顏色有點金黃,就大功告成。






這沒啥做法,就是把石榴籽準備好,買好一罐好吃的希臘優格,我推薦最傳統的Total Yoghurt, 挖幾湯匙到小杯,加蜂蜜再加石榴籽,yum yum!!


小記:事實上大多的scone食譜是使用buttermilk, 類似酸乳,如果沒有,將溫牛奶加一點點檸檬汁,這樣的牛奶混合就如 buttermilk 的味道。

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