Butterfly chicken roast in grape, olives and fennel

Butterfly chicken roast in fennel, grapes and olives
Unlike traditional roast chicken, it didn’t require to massage the butter and herbs between skins, this recipe is easy and quick to prepare but requires longer time (2 hours in the fridge or even better overnight) to let the ingredients marinate together, the fragrant and flavour is incredible 🤤
Fennel x 1 slice all
Black or red grapes 150g (I didn’t buy red grapes but I swear my green grapes tasted equally delicious)
Black olives 100g, again I didn’t go out and get black ones as I had green olives at home and needing to be eaten so with my #nofoodwaste method, I used green olives, still yummy!
Salt a pinch
Rapeseed oil or olive oil
Mix all together, put in fridge overnight and bake for 50mins! So incredible, very impressed with this recipe from one of the weekend magazine.
簡單又健康的食譜, 把雞背古剪掉,雞翻過變一片。
茴香切片,黑葡萄約20個,100克橄欖,一顆紅洋蔥,少鹽,橄欖油 4大匙 (我們家用油菜籽油 rapeseed oil)

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