Meet Valentina Fiore – The Fashion world’s little gem

When I met Valentina, I was at a difficult period of my life, being a career mom, who wanted to be the best mother, best boss, best wife and could cook meals everyday… my right hand at that point resigned and left me very limited time to hire someone amazing before my world sunk in… I was so desperate, and I wouldn’t find anyone for a long time, so when the CV came through, I actually didn’t get my hopes up as I fed up with people hiding their abilities by writing amazing CV but actually they could be full of shit.

I simply wanted someone who means well and cares about what they do. Here comes Valentina, her CV wasn’t the most elaborated, I sensed she meant what she did, so I agreed with the HR to call her in, within 10 minutes, I knew she’d be my partner in crime. A wonderful individual who is simply passionate about fashion, life, I loved her positive attitude ad above all I saw the similarity of being true friends with clients meaning you care for them rather than just about orders and money, for me that’s a long term relationship which most of the brands CEO they don’t give a damn about it but I do and so does Valentina.

She is a problem solver, which is so important especially in a start up company that is still shaping, you need problem solvers, and less detectors, you need someone who can be resilient to thrive through a difficult period. It was about clients building as first phase, and once that’s stabilised you can start build up the report and plan more fun and sexy strategies. Valentina shined through the dark period and excelled her career. We became good friends and I recommended her to my beloved AH team, here I would like to share this smart cookie’s journey, how a Rome girl left her beautiful city and found her root in London. Enjoy –

KF: How has your career in fashion started? Did you always know you want to be in fashion?

VF: When I was kid my dream was becoming a designer… my favourite game was “Gira la Moda”…I mean I was OBSESED WITH IT! – If I do not make a mistake over here the name was Fashion Wheel. My mom, I don’t know how many times, found the box in the bed with me (LOL).

Then I changed my mind… but the dream was always there, I guess!

At the age of 25 I had finished a job in the hospitality, and I started working for a marketing agency…I hate it! I was so desperate that I applied for every vacancy possible, and for an intern role at Fendi as well, without any hopes as you can imagine. After 5 min of my application… my phone rang…and I started my career in fashion.

KF: Everyone has their story which often is inspiring before their career takes off, what was your first job and how was your journey from that to where you are now

VF: Well, as I mentioned my career didn’t started in fashion, but in luxury hospitality. Despite the differences between the two environments… they have such a lot of things in common… first of the client! Luxury hospitality welcome thru their doors the same people that it would be welcomed into a luxury store. One of my tasks in the hotel was checking that all the rooms were immaculate, and perfectly clean. so having a particular keen eye on details was fundamental, and I brought this skills with me into fashion… it definitely helped!

KF: As head of wholesale, how has your job changed since pandemic? Describe your work before Covid and now.

VF: Well, the job in itself didn’t change more, I think what did change was more the way of working and reinvent the wholesale business. It has been more supportive towards clients…sometime during this pandemic, I have just rung them to see how they were… nothing else! Also, I have listed more client needs and what they need during this time. At Anya for example, our last two collections were timeless with a key functionality aspect…and of course with a touch of humour! People are looking for something that have a purpose and not just being trendy!

KF: What’s your view on fashion business in this pandemic? Did you think about some change before we even know and you wished you pushed your voice through?

VF: Anya Hindmarch often during her interviews has used a quote from Winston Churchill “ Never let a good crisis go to waste” and I think it could not be more than the perfect sum up during this moment. We should use this challenging time to pause and restart. Until now the fashion industry was running at really high speed, too high, nobody was enjoying anymore this amazing and creative world…we didn’t have time to do so!

I would love to keep working on sustainability and reschedule a fashion calendar that will have much more sense. All my friends that are not working in fashion always ask me “why are you selling winter products in summer and vice versa?” well, I hope not getting this question anymore

KF: What’s your advice to young people who hopes to be in fashion taking pandemic and the future fashion in consideration.

VF: Be brave, be creative and open your mind to different path and solutions… and do not be scare to reinvent yourself and what you learn… things will change, and you have to adjust your problem solving skills accordingly!

KF: Tell us about your childhood and what do you miss the most when you are in London.

VF: Well, I grew up with 2 other siblings younger than me. So, as you can imagine all the responsibilities were on me! my parents have been the most supportive people in my life… and they still are!

I miss my mom amazing and delicious dishes! She is a wonderful cook!

KF: what’s your favourite Italian food, can you share your secret recipe from your nonna or from yourself?

VF: This is one of the most difficult question… and I tell you why! My nonna dishes are heaven! So delicious and yummy…above all her cakes. We didn’t live in the same city, she was in the south of Italy, so I was usually seen her just during holiday periods or summer and when we were there we have our wishlist of our fav dishes that she cooked for us. When I was teenager I was dreaming to replicate the same cakes at my home in Rome, so every time I was asking her the recipe her answer was “I don’t know honey, I have never used the scale in my life, I m going off the top of my head!”

Valentina Fiore is the Head of Wholesale and Franchise at Anya Hindmarch, she can be reached via LinkedIn.

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我只想要一個意味深長,關心自己工作的人。瓦倫蒂娜(Valentina)來了,她的簡歷並不是最強的,我感覺到她的誠懇,所以我同意人力資源部約面談。見面10分鐘內,我知道她會成為我的“犯罪”夥伴 (事業助手)。一個對時尚,生活充滿熱情的出色個人,我特別喜歡她的積極態度,和我與客戶成為真正的朋友的相似之處意味著您真正關心他們,而不只是訂單和金錢,對我而言,這是長期的關係,而大多數品牌CEO對此都不屑一顧,但瓦倫蒂娜(Valentina)了解。



VF:當我還是個孩子的時候,我的夢想是成為一名設計師……我最喜歡的遊戲是《吉拉·拉·莫達》(Gira la Moda)……我的意思是我迷上了它! -如果我沒有記錯的話,那就叫時尚輪。我的媽媽,我不知道有多少次,和我一起在床上找到了箱子(LOL)。然後我改變了主意……但是我想夢一直在那兒!







VF:Anya Hindmarch經常在接受采訪時引用溫斯頓·丘吉爾(Winston Churchill)的話:“絕不要浪費好危機,危機就是轉機”,我認為這是目前疫情流行的完美總結。我們應該用這個充滿挑戰的時間來暫停並重新啟動。直到現在,時裝業都以極高的速度運轉,速度太快了,沒人能再享受這個神奇而富有創意的世界了…!





VF: 嗯,我和另外兩個比我小的兄弟姐妹長大。因此,您可以想像所有的責任都在我身上!我的父母一直是我一生中最支持我的人……現在仍然如此!




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