Catherine Prevost – thriving through her elegance and kindness

At the peak of her career, designer Catherine Prevost made a choice to instead of furthering her business expansion, she decided to be with her young kids and closed her Walton Street boutique to be a mother and enjoy her family time. Something many female entrepreneurs wouldn’t made the same choice but Catherine did, her business now is thriving through her network of friends and smart pivot during the pandemic. She is my fashion fairy Godmother, a lady who influences everyone with her elegance and kindness.

Catherine with her family dog Jasper in her Carmen dress.

Rushing through London Piccadilly for a fashion investment and trend talk one morning early 2019, I wouldn’t stop checking my phone because of course I was ‘a little bit’ late; I remembered the day when I met Catherine again after a decade of knowing the name but not meeting her. Arrived at the iconic Fortnum & Mason building attending the talk organised by British Fashion council for members, this beautiful lady asked if I were attending the same event, and she was Catherine Prevost, the name was so familiar and soon I realised I used to wrap up her personal orders during my junior time at Anya Hindmarch, over 17 years ago. Catherine was in this beautiful silk blouse with pussy tie and ballon sleeve, ever so chic. We then collaborated and worked on various aspects of her brand. I instantly had great connection with Catherine, she has amazing energy and you feel the positive vibes around her which shows through her designs and drawings on garments.

What makes Catherine’s brand special is not just her design and client service, above all, she runs her business in the most modern way since day 1, it’s her philosophy and priority of love and family made a big difference and formed her ‘tribes’ and followers naturally. She is one of very few businesses working with mainly mothers or mom-owned businesses, she understands the importance of putting family life first however paying bills and having passion for work is key too, she makes flexible way of working for everyone in the businesses way before this pandemic kicked in. Her business has always been very successful through direct sales and trunk-shows, and she always listens to her customers and make sure her design is flattering on women, every dress is designed to ensure the elegance and comfort is combined.

We get to reach out to the clients & keep our people close, knowing who your client is, and going to them, keep them happy and keep in touch, for me is my way forward.

Catherine shares her strategy through this pandemic lockdown. Recorded in November 2020.

Early autumn 2019 she opened her long-term pop up store located at the most prominent area in Chelsea, Sloane Avenue, adjacent to Chloe, Anya Hindmarch, Valentino, Cartier and so on. With a large space, she cleverly worked with her friends in design hosting various events in her basement from gallery opening to women’s inspiration talks, she keeps the flaw constant and welcome to new businesses for collaboration which again many boutiques wouldn’t do so unless it’s a multi brand business.

I had pleasure speaking to Catherine after 2nd lockdown to unravel her philosophy and you can see how wonderful she is, with no ego but focus on creative energy, so refreshing and inspiring, see the edited interview via my IGTV.

Catherine’s favourite cities:

Capri – Go to Le Fontelina

New York – Love Nomad bar & Stay at Surrey Hotel

Follow Catherine Prevost on Instagram here. You can shop her line via here.

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在職業生涯的頂峰時期,設計師凱瑟琳·普雷沃斯特(Catherine Prevost)斷定暫時不再繼續業務擴展,而是與年幼的孩子在一起,並關閉沃爾頓街(Walton Street)的精品店,以當母親為主並享受家庭時光。凱瑟琳(Catherine)做出了許多女性企業家無法做出的選擇,但她的生意現在正通過她的朋友網絡和在大流行期間的聰明舉動而蓬勃發展。 她是我的時尚仙女教母,以她的優雅和善良影響每個人。

衝著倫敦皮卡迪利(Piccadilly)參加時尚投資和潮流話題時,我一直查手機,因為我當然“遲到了一點”。到了美麗的Fortnum&Mason大樓參加英國時尚委員會組織的會員座談會時,這位美麗的女士問我是否也來參加活動,她是凱瑟琳·普雷沃斯特(Catherine Prevost),這個名字非常熟悉,很快我意識到我在17年前的安妮·欣德瑪奇(Anya Hindmarch)整理過她的個人訂單。凱瑟琳穿著一件漂亮的絲綢上衣,配以貓咪領帶和氣球袖,別緻。沒多久,我們就她品牌的各個方面進行了合作和合作。我立即與凱瑟琳產生了極大的聯繫,她擁有驚人的能量,您會感受到她周圍的積極氛圍,這通過她在服裝上的設計和素描得以體現。

凱瑟琳(Catherine)品牌的獨特之處不僅在於她的設計和客戶服務,而且,自第一天起,她就以最現代的方式經營自己的業務,這是她的品牌管理哲學 -以優先考慮愛與家庭與企業的關係,並影響著他的客戶群,形成了她的“部落”。她是為數不多的以母親或媽媽創業家的企業工作的企業之一,她了解將家庭生活放在首位的重要性,但是支付賬單和對工作充滿熱情也是關鍵,她為企業中的每個人提供了靈活的工作方式在大流行開始之前,她的業務一直非常成功,通過自己網路和TRUNK SHOW展示,她總是傾聽顧客的意見,並確保她的設計對女性很討人喜歡,每件衣服的設計都旨在確保優雅與舒適相結合。



Follow Catherine Prevost on Instagram here. You can shop her line via here.

Enjoy my write up, follow me on Instagram for more updates and stories @kfyangoconnor. Thank you.

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