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When I launched my blog mid/end of 2020 during lockdown, the first few people came to my mind I wanted to write about as #MySmartCookie, and Judy is one of them, a wonderful human being who I admire of her work ethic and keen eye of spotting trend. She is very quiet, not the type who craves any type of attention for street style shots, she’s smart, hardworking, kind, thoughtful with great sense of taste, but not many people notice this. Nowadays, it could also be experience and age, anyone who is profiled on major press can’t really inspire me anymore, but often friends who are true talents are my hero. I wanted to share this incredible lady’s fashion journey, from a junior buyer, working in the most renowed retailers of the world, an honest conversation, enjoy.

Judy is in Dries Van Noten coat, Ganni dress, Celine shoes, and Flapper headband.

* in profile picture, Judy is in Dries Van Noten top, Totome skirt, the Row Bag, and Amina Muaddi heels.

Here are few of my questions for Judy :

KF: Did you study fashion related subject? If not, why did you get into fashion?

JY: No,  I did Bsc Psychology as my major in University. I had always been very intrigued by the human mind. I got into fashion by chance actually!

​There is no short cut as it was just a lot of hard work. you must be patient as the first few years of buying is usually quite tedious, with a lot of boring paper works.

Judy explains the real life of being a fashion buyer.

KF: How did you get to where you are in this position? Could you share a little bit more of your journey and some ups and downs?

JY: ​There is no short cut as it was just a lot of hard work. you must be patient as the first few years of buying is usually quite tedious, with a lot of boring paper works. you have to be very organised and detail-minded to do your job properly. But the hard work was worth it as I was incredibly lucky to have had some incredible mentors that taught me everything that i know. 

KF: Please share what your work schedule was like Pre-Covid especially during fashion week? 

JY: it is not as glamourous as people think. yes I occasionally get to go to a fashion show here or there but usually, it’s just a lot of running around the city and a lot of uber rides! I’d consider it a good day if we have time to sit down for lunch!

KF: How do you think this pandemic has changed your work life?

JY: its actually really hectic, especially doing buying market weeks when we have to have internal meetings and paper work during the mornings and starting from about 3pm hong kong is when all the virtual appointments kick in due to the time difference with Europe. and we will have to do all the orders at night! 

KF: If you are not in fashion, which industry will you be?

JY: frankly i don’t know! i may have gone back to practicing accounting like my father and take over his practice.

KF: When you are so busy everyday, do you cook? If so can you share your recipe that can make a dish under 30 minutes?

JY: I try to cook and host dinner on the weekends as that is how i destress. I recently came across this tomato curry. it’s super easy to make and kind of keto friendly too


I made this dish in October after Judy gave me this recipe, yummy. https://www.instagram.com/_funkitchen/

KF: A piece of advice for your young self who just started in fashion.

JY: Take care of yourself, physically and mentally.

KF: Favourite designer and 3 favourite items in your closet.

JY: Dries Van Noten. my admiration for him goes beyond his collections. I have collected a lot of his pieces over the years as I see them as collectables. The second part of this question is really difficult question to answer because it is like asking someone to pick their favourite child! 

Judy Yau is the buying manager of On Pedder Hong Kong and China. Linkedin & Instagram.

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當我在2020年中/下半年開始我博客Project時,我聯絡第一批#MySmartCookie的才華朋友裡, JUDY就是其中之一,我很欣賞她的職業道德和敏銳度,是一個很棒的人擁有會發現趨勢的眼睛。她很安靜,不是那種渴望被街頭風格拍攝的人,她聰明,勤奮,善良,體貼,很有品味,但是沒有多少人注意到這一點。現在的我,也可能是經驗和年齡,只有真正有才華的朋友才是我的英雄,而在主要新聞界受到關注的人都不再能真正對我有任何影響力。我想分享JUDY令人刮目相看的時裝之旅。

KF: 您學習過與時尚相關的科目嗎?如果不是,您為什麼要流行?

Judy: 不,我在大學攻讀Bsc心理學專業。我一直對人類的思想很感興趣。我是偶然碰到時尚的!

KF: 您是如何到達這個位置的?您能否再多分享一些旅途經歷和跌宕起伏?

Judy: 沒有捷徑,因為這只是很多艱苦的工作。您必須要有耐心,因為購買的最初幾年通常很繁瑣,並且有很多無聊的紙質作品。您必須非常有條理和注重細節,才能正確地完成工作。但是辛苦的工作值得,因為我非常幸運地得到了一些不可思議的導師,這些導師教會了我我所知道的一切。

KF: 請分享您在Pre-Covid期間的工作時間表,尤其是在時裝週期間?

Judy: 它沒有人們想像的那麼迷人。是的,我偶爾會在這里或那裡去參加一場時裝秀,但通常情況下,這只是整個城市的奔跑和大量的UBER車程!如果我們有時間坐下來吃午餐,我會認為這是美好的一天!

KF: 您如何看待這種大疫情流行改變了您的工作生活?

Judy: 它實際上非常忙碌,特別是在進行採購市場週活動時,我們必須在早晨召開內部會議和文書工作,並且從香港下午3點開始,由於與歐洲的時差,所有虛擬約會都開始進行。我們將不得不在晚上完成所有訂單!

KF: 如果您不流行時尚,您將成為哪個行業?

Judy: 坦白說,我不知道!我可能已經像父親一樣回到會計界去接管他的執業


Judy: 我試圖在周末做飯和主持晚餐,因為這就是我的壓力。我最近碰到了這種西紅柿咖哩。超級容易製作,也很友好


KF: 給剛起步的年輕自我的建議。

Judy: 在身體和精神上要照顧好自己。

KF: 最喜歡的設計師和您衣櫃中的3個最喜歡的物品。

Judy: Dries Van Noten。我對他的欽佩超越了他的收藏。這些年來,我已經收集了許多他的作品,因為我將它們視為收藏品。這個問題的第二部分是很難回答的問題,因為這就像要求某人挑選自己喜歡的孩子一樣!

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